◆In this class, we will introduce several topics about psychology in Japan. The relationship between psychology and its practice in Japanese cultural and social setting will be discussed.
◆Participants will be asked to write a short papers for each topic. 
◆This class will be held online(via zoom). Please check the invitation of zoom for every class.

①10/6 小松孝至:「擬態語」への心理的探究 
Komatsu, T.: A psychological inquiry into Gitai-go in the Japanese language

②10/13 大河内浩人:行動分析または行動の科学について 
Okouchi, H.: Behavior analysis : The science of behavior

③10/20 渡邉創太:運動学習 
Watanabe, S.: Learning of Motor-Skill

④10/27 安達智子:自己効力−自信はどこからくるのだろう?
Adachi, T.: Self-Efficacy:How to Gain Confidence

⑤11/10 瀧野揚三:ある日本の学校のトラウマ関連のストレスに関する長期的介入の取り組み 
Takino, Y.: School-based intervention for long-term recovery from trauma-related distress in a Japanese school

⑥11/17 寺坂明子:学級単位で行うアンガーマネジメント・プログラム
Terasaka, A.: Classroom-based Anger Management program for children

⑦11/24 水野治久:特別なニーズのある子どもへの援助 
Mizuno, H.: Helping students with special needs