”Contemporary Education in Japan”
The 3rd term (10/1~11/26)

◆Professors from different disciplines such as science education, social science, and English education will outline the topics in each subject area. Then, participants will visit the local public elementary school in Kashiwara, and observe the class. Finally participants are required to give a presentation about what they learned. 
◆All classes will be held online (via zoom).

1. 10/8  Online Lecture : Aoi Nakayama
2. 10/15 Online Lecture : Noboru Takahashi
3. 10/22 Online Lecture: Tetsuya Kagata
4. 10/29 Online Lecture : Satoko Ishikawa
5. 11/19 Online Lecture: Nobuteru Ikejima
6. 11/26 or 12/3 School Visit (being adjusted)
7. 12/3 or 12/10 Online Presentation (being adjusted)